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I am enjoying the beauty of Plettenberg where the land art festival takes place. I randomly ran into a good friend’s boyfriend at a party. She wanted us to meet for the last year! It was such a cool moment,this after I asked him to take off the creepy mask. “Dude, I have pics of the two of you on my phone! I was sent pics of you the minute she fell for you!” Haha. It was such a magic moment!

My dreams are so hella dramatic. A face flashes before me with the three words ringing loudly as I woke ,”Are you ready?” The same words I ask myself before I sing. The answer remains the same.

Noel would drag me to everywhere and everyone I didnt know. After a while he knew my standard response. The answer is always yes. Just tell me when to be ready. So…Bring it. I am here. All in. Balls deep. Ready for expansion, the past  my rearview mirror. One deep breathe before inhaling and embracing every second of being here. Even if I have no idea what’s next. I mean, do we ever, really?