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Yesterday was the lowest I felt in a long while. So I slept and slept and cried a great deal more. And then Ben Harper made a guest appearance in my dreams.

He asked me to help him pack. There were two t-shirts he was sending off to people. It felt like the shirts worn by The Soweto Gospel Choir and his band’s stuff. I was talking nonsense while he was paging through one of my old notebooks. He puts down the book, tries to hurry me up and said, ‘This is so that everyone feels part of the band…’

I don’t know where I go to when I dream, what order of reality it is. Sometimes I don’t think it matters. My mind/soul travels to a place it knew I would feel safe.

Kinda ironic seeing that I wiped my phone of every picture or thing that made me happy last year. It no longer exists I told myself. Or if it does I can no longer reach it or them I told myself crying.So…delete…delete….delete.

Biscuits. When I wake up I am making them and great food while listening to Ella and Louise croon to Moonlight in Vermont.  And Ben and his Mom singing So Beautiful How Could We Not Believe.

And then I will write music and watch a stupid horror movie with my family. Everything passes.


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