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Human nature! Sometimes we are so predictable it bores me. Just once. Only once. I would like to be surprised in the most delightful of ways. Am I asking too much here? Just…sneak past by 6th, 7th and 9th sense why don’t you?

Wait. Hold the phone. Am I that predictable? Do I go out of my way to surprise others? Or do they see me coming? And if yes, or if no….?

Every year I ask myself a series of questions. What is the state of my heart compared to a year ago? What friends are at my side? Are they more true and what kind of music am I writing? Oh, and how do I relate to the men hanging about? I ask these questions so I can measure my rate of….evolution if you will. In short: are you still so full of shit or have you sharpened up since?

I hate repeating mistakes. Same dance with different shoes eh? Nah man. My shoes change by themselves when I am not looking. The dancefloor moves along with me, and the dj spinning tunes knows me better than my Mother. Gimme that instead…of the banality of repeating the same mistake over and over again! Hence the constant self examination.

Except….right this moment…I am being very predictable by blogging while listening to Ben Harper’s Winter is for Lovers instrumental album. I know, I know…shoot me. But it has a calming effect. So perhaps I don’t need to throw everything out eh? The good stuff ….that remains.

Enough ranting. It’s almost 3am and I have a busy day ahead. Here’s to wonderful day in the making. Ps, I hope your day is filled with the good stuff also yeah?

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