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I start my day with a good thought. Like my Mother does, every single morning. A good thought, a great dream, a wonderful song and only then do I march or stroll into my day.

I had a wonderful dream about the love of my musical life yesterday. What it was about, I don’t really remember. I do recall waking up and feeling…soothed. And that was enough. A bit of something wonderful to start my day with. A small mystery to unravel.

I do wonder about this life I am living, the way it overlaps and shows me things I cannot even hope to reach for in my waking life. This use to torment me at first. All these dreams, what do I make of it? All I know to do is take a bit of that dream energy and infuse it into my ‘real’ life and see what happens.

If my life were a movie it would be classed as a drama, romantic and tragic in places but each character, regardless of what happens gets a really cool song at the end. Sometimes epic, with thunderous drums pounding while the strings swell and engulf everyone in sight. Or blissfully happy, like a small kid  opening Christmas presents before the sun rises. But everyone walks away with something they never had before. Now what we do with it, that bit of something we gave each other….we will never really know. Until we see the director’s cut at the end of our lives…hehe.

I spoke yesterday of the transformative energy all Scorpios bring to the lives of others. That would be the theme in this movie called my life. At times I bulldozed in and out, causing more chaos than anticipated. My voice being the last thing heard as the gun goes off. Other times, it’s the unheard melodies that bind me to another. Or that I hear when I dream and walk blindly in search of.

Yet each day starts the same. A good thought, a great dream, a wonderful song. And inside the coat I wear, the same prayer is sewn. Love me like you have no past.


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