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I was terribly upset when the war erupted.  That being said, a thought  popped into my mind, was echoed by a friend and it goes something like this:  More Fear is being mass produced. This is the next big distraction.

Social  and mass media crafted a certain narrative. Consequently, we are barraged with images, flags, people attempting to explain root causes blah blah blah.  Solidarity with one side. Disdain for the other. I visited my local bar a while back and was urged to back a certain team, as Russia needed to get its ass kicked. Aside from being  very entertaining and bonding a group of strangers, it  all made sense, I could see it. The real game is afoot once again…

We humans fear dying. Now that covid doesnt have its nasty fingers in the populace as it did before…something else had to come along to scare the shit out of us. It has all been orchestrated with such brilliance, as every conflict is. Control. Power.  A scared people is a powerless one.

I am not interested in hearing about the war. Or seeing images that horrify. Neither do I care for the righteousness of any side. It is fear that divides, it pits  brother against brother. I alone am responsible for my frequency, the thoughts I allow to take root. And for so long we have been fed cheap fastfood, to poison and scare. I employed the same tactic during the hard lockdowns. And created more music than I ever have before, focused on those I love and took care of my own mental wellbeing. Was I affected? Sure. Did I get sick? Yeah. But only for one day.

As above so below. As within, so without. I choose peace –  above all else. And will not entertain  anyone, even a seriously smoking hot man  if he brings chaotic energy. Wait. Maybe he will be entertained once. But that’s it man! Take your fine ass outta here bucko! Haha! Today I heard something simple and profound. Peace is a practice. It is a choice and we make. So switch off your tv, radio. Spend time in nature, with good people. Be the source of what you desire