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After so much desert…. the sea, the out of tune piano and my family – those are my exact requirements for peace of mind.  But first a healthy dose of my best friend Matt who gives the best business advice….which I need for the next project I am working on.

It is fascinating who we run into and why. I told a friend a few minutes ago, when dealing with anyone I always ask – why you and why now? What are you mirroring back to me eh? And am I mentally ready to deal with what will be shown ?

I belong to many small tribes. This is my true nature. I stay for as long as needed and then  move. I walk. Alone. Only difference being I am no longer as afraid as I weave in and out of people’s lives. I take careful note of what is being shown or the things I refuse to see. And…I never found a compelling enough reason to stay anywhere, with anyone for too long.

Will love find me? Of course. I do not doubt it at all. And dating has been hella fun! I meet so many good men… I could actually start a dating agency where I hook them up with ladies I know! Hehe. Still. I am no longer  chasing love or even Music.  Growth is the sole reason for all my why’s.

Today I heard the following – it is only when one takes serious measures towards love in its truest sense…that all which is unloving and untrue make itself known to you. 

Still. The sea,the piano and my family. Perhaps a burger with so much bacon and all things delicious stacked on top! And yes, I will write a song about the lovely messages I read in the Afrika Burn temple……and how so many of us cried as let go of that one thing we held on to when we thought we weren’t safe in anyone’s hands. Let alone our own.

Be gentle over there. Life is rough enough as is. So stir some love into everything you do yeah? X

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