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It always happens when I leave home. Wherever I go to, I stay longer than planned. My lovely Mother was not pleased at all!

Perhaps another performance while here? I am dropping the tracks Tumi and I worked on together, the Lovechild album. He has one night to clean up everything and master those tracks. Tight deadlines!  And I need to invent and bend words and phrases around the new music and source artwork. Basically, what is this music about and why.

I sing only two songs at Cornerstone Institute’s 50th anniversary celebrations. Musicians from all over are part of it and people can join in and watch my online performance, along with others. I asked Noel if it is gonna be as complex as it was somehow to watch Ben Harper live on instagram the other night. And then the video kept on pausing! I was annoyed and will look out for that performance later. Also, the Reclaiming Agency pppprogram offered by Cornerstone Institute (I am an ambassador and all) looks very exciting and I enjoy attending those…

It occured to me that I need to be more aggressive around music. How else will I end up in Berlin? Right now music is a result of…everything I experienced. It’s not the focus of it. I kinda enjoy it being that way as I am more balanced, intact and happy. Yet. But. There is so much I didn’t experience in music. And I hate being bored or remaining still for too long. It’s been a desire for so long to explore and perform in that city.

Right. I have time and enough space to delve deeper and harder to find solutions. Perhaps  another music video is on its way. I am excited by the art direction we are veering into! So much planning is involved though. If executed well, it will be my best music video yet. That reminds me I need to check in with the footage filmed in India. Do you see what I mean? My focus is not that of a musician who needs to work overseas. I am forever flowing in between where I am, other places and people, liquid in my expression. This work ethic makes for a rich and satisfying life but not an engaging career.

At least my heart is my own now. We can trust each other again. And the small prayer lodged in the corner of it, remains the same. A love so big I can offer no resistance.

Anyhoo, time to get going or step back into bed for a small while…



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