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Watching Ben Harper sing was my weekend highlight. He played new music or perhaps old music I have not heard before. It doesn’t matter. He sounded and looked great and my black heart exploded with happiness when he sang So Beautiful How Could We Not Believe.

‘Look back into your past only if it is something worth looking at…’said a friend earlier today. Ben Harper and Afrika Burn were my favorite memories last year. Zambia the year before and India this time round. Or France in the snow. Those are places I visit when I write music.

Some realities feel like a half open door in a room across from mine. All I need do is take one single step and peak inside. Or I  write music and sing until the door is wide open and I can walk inside. And there it is…

I don’t take my career seriously I confessed to my sister. I am too busy enjoying the music, revelling in my freedom. A freedom I felt deprived of most of my life. In order to expand and evolve, this must change. Management is needed along with a firm hand and ears I trust.

As much I would love to kiss a wonderful man I am deeply affected by and attracted to – I would much rather be in studio when this lockdown ends. This album is nothing short of a love letter set to music. Written for people I deeply care for, have loved, let go of or broken my heart over.

Being in lockdown made me realize how much I love my family and how ready I am to leave.

One day, one thing at a time. Doors open, things move and realities shift. The way will be shown soon enough. Until then I have music to write and hopefully Mr Harper will release his new album I can warm my cold hands to when the sun sets.

Until then…I am whiskey-less until further notice. But filled with hope, above all else