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People are innately kind, that’s my honest belief. In my small world I see this reflected time and time again. Do I open myself to anyone who has a smile and a funny joke? No. I finally learnt the lesson of discernment.

I made a conscious choice to follow the dictates of my heart  this year. Trust me when I say – it was been a rollercoaster. And for the most part I maintained my balance. Yet, once the decision to reclaim my heart was made I became aware of  energy theives, vampires. They weren’t even lurking in the shadows anymore! They were doing the moonwalk in full daylight. Strutting their scarlet robes while dolling out the holy eucharist during Sunday mass! Last year I was half dead anyway, how could I possibly notice what was taken from me?  In short, there is no one to blame. Discernment is the name of the game.


On a funny note, it is always the ones who have nothing to lose who approach me on dating sites, men that is. I find their courage and bravado infectious. They are squirrely, nerdish, loners and a bit lost for the most part.  In need of a friend, mother, therapist – who knows? But I see them coming a mile away. I have enough good friends. Discernment is the name of the game, and I learnt it the hard way.

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My daughter says I am difficult and my standards too high. Nonsense.  Somewhere out there ( get the terrible song out of your head already) exists an individual smart and awe inspiring  enough to understands me, the Music and my need for silence. My world is more ordered, vampires banished, monsters slain and Blue Beard’s moustache turned into a talisman I wear around my neck.  Finally I am  the right person and this my time…but I am in no rush. Also, I removed myself from the dating sites. Life is too short for bad music, bad food and bad dick.

Ok. Now to visit my book dealer, Roeland, aka The Merchant for our Saturday chit chat at the market. It’s about the small things. Have a great weekend over there. And remember – be gentle. Life is hard enough as is. X

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