Being home was always a kind of spiritual quarantine for me. Corona, sorry babe, but you are not as badass or hot as everyone thinks you are. This was always the way I rolled.

My daughter has a Cough List. Yes, you heard that right. A list of people she thinks should be coughed on so they can die. It has turned into this mad game where we all end up laughing so much as the list gets crazier and crazier by the day. As does the dance she does to accompany the winners! She has now been given a slew of new nicknames – any and all diseases we can think of. She is studying to be a doctor after all. She can take it!

On a serious note, my spiritual quarantine has two facets. An emotional and physical component. I rarely touch alcohol when home. Unless friends visit or I need to blow off steam. Alcohol was not something we grew up with, so the detox is both physical and emotional. The only ‘noise’ I hear is  when the birds strike up the band at about four in the morning.

Everyone should regard this time as a spiritual quarantine of sorts. In fact, one should section off bits of time so as to know how energy is expended and with who – in general. Take the time to assess just what and who matters in one’s life. Like I said previously, I don’t like my ass getting kicked by the universe, so I purge regularly to ensure that….my life is my own.

Of course I am happy. My daughter is with me. I have peace of mind and heart, after India. My parents are alive, annoy each other and the sea is on my doorstep. I have books to read, food to eat, those I care for are checked up on regularly and the sun shines whenever she can. Oh, and I write new music when inspired to.

I feel no need to stream a live performance just yet. I never felt the need before but if that changes, and an idea comes along that excites the hell out of me…I might just. I am a Scorpio.  I am never lukewarm or indecisive about anything. Never. Not people and heaven forbid – never, ever music! I do not like having to be convinced of an idea. It either appeals or not. And this one, so far….doesn’t.

When I was in India, so many trippy thoughts found their way to me. Suspecting an idea and knowing it to be true in one’s bones can shift everything. And I felt, for the first time, the interconnectedness of my own being and the planet itself.  An early morning mediation, before the cars struck up a crazy jazz tune at 5 am, revealed some rather strange things to me.  I really am part of the whole. The music….that’s just a gift I offer as I walk on this Earth.

I need to get boardgames and cards. Think of more recipes and my daughter find movies we can scare everyone with. Yeah, that’s the plan. One thing, one moment, one day at a time.