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Most of these are badly recorded. And excludes the Love Child album that Tumi and I wrote in two weeks last year. None of these are mixed, mastered or close to sounding decent! And this is about a quarter of what I wrote. I am sharing songs that I got Rodney to lay down piano for.

Ps. This is what the pandemic taught me. By loving those closest and not running…I learnt how to love myself. So many of these songs were written for people I love, those who got me through. I did not write any songs for Noel. Instead, I staged an entire performance for him. Many of the songs I chose ( for my Being Human show) were ones I heard him play while we cooked or sat on his stoep.

Written for my father, that old grumpy black man! I doubt I will ever be able to sing this without crying
Written for my Father
Written for my father who kept on saying I should write music about the state of our country. It just so happened that the last line Call It Murder fitted perfectly. Hence, I call it my Ben Harper song.
Written for my Mother, this is a rehearsal recorded on my phone. You can search my site to find the lyrics. Its called Stir A little love into everything
Set It Alight, written for my sister and Matt.
World Peace and Whiskey. People forget that South Africans suffered two Prohibitions. And they made buying cigarettes illegal! Haha. South Africans are the only country ( I am convinced) that when word gets out that the president is making a speech ( A family he calls it) everyone runs to get alcohol!! Haha
Written for my Mother and Gilda….all the things they would never say to me! It’s called Whiskey Down!
This was an experiment, my Bobby Mcferrin song. Mercy is the name of this song
Written for Letta, my other sister by choice, and her husband, my Swaar (that’s what we call our brother in law) who routinely will kidnap me from wherever I am to spend time with the family. Their twins are the most amazing terrorists ever. I have more pictures of them on my phone than anyone!
The song is called Hero. Very fitting as Major, my afternoon drive co host and I left the radio station at the same time. I start singing after the one minute mark. We will be releasing an EP in the new year.
Forests In the Sun. A reminder that the way we love and who we love says a great deal about the state of our own being and not theirs. Our hearts are broken wide open so we can love more.
Falling Stars, although this was written before the pandemic…it is the only ballad I am placing on my new album.
Jar Of Night. Love makes you stupid. However, he was a beautiful man and I am deeply grateful I met him. Still. He reminded me what true connection feels like.
Mystic Bird. A ama-piano song written with Tumi
Riddle me Gently, written after Afrika Burn
The song is called Frogs. This is a sample, written for Leslie-Anne. I inverted all the fairy tales in this song. In the end….my three bears and I drank gin together. Hella fun.
This is called Freedom is a Hunter.
The song I am most pleased with for 2021. It’s called In The Arms of My Lover. This was one of the first songs I ever wrote. I couldnt find it so decided to write it from scratch. It sounds better than the original one, but thats called life happening. On a side note… My poor ex husband…I wrote this when I was still married and knew….there is more music, more love waiting for me. Of course I was gonna leave him. Music made an honest woman out of me.

The best part of this pandemic? I could finally tell people how I felt without music.

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