In the picture I am having some whiskey while speaking to my friend whom I nicknamed The Magician. He nicknamed me Silk and described my voice as Silk and Gravel. He has since passed.

Most of these where written during Lockdown, when we endured 2 Prohibitions. However, before all that drama I penned a song that my audience calls The Whiskey Song. The name of the song being In My Lover’s Bed. This was a hard song to write. It can be found on the Dreaming Music album.

This is called World Peace and Whiskey. I enjoy starting a performance with this song. Also, very relatable, especially in South africa where people where swapping recipes to make the perfect brew aka beer or anything that would not kill you while giving you a buzz. I opted to write Music instead. This is a rehearsal with Shauwn Francke.

I dont think I sang this yet. It is called Whiskey Down. All the things My Mother would never say to me in a million years. The irony being that I barely drink whiskey anymore….but shoo….no one needs to know this ugly truth.