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The songs I am penning are progressively becoming darker. Look, I am not complaining. I am embracing the Mercury in Scorpio energy I was wired with at birth. I remember running into an old lady who was a chemist of sorts and asked her to tell me about everyday…uhm…poisons. You should have seen the look on her face! Haha!

Currently I am in the middle of writing a song and again can feel something new taking flight under my skin. No, it would be more accurate to say I can feel myself being clothed in something slightly darker while I write this song.

The idea was always that the new albums’ songs are wrapped in fairy tales. Yet the songs that fit into this category are all tinged with sharp edges and  chunks of bloodied flesh. Okay yeah, that by itself sounds dodge doesn’t it? Yes, one day I will release an album of Murder ballads.

Anyhoo, this song does not have a title yet and is very dramatic. I can hear a full blown orchestra with dark undertones and a menacing bass line. War drums and an opera singer…

Here’s some of the lyrics.

The fates that bind you will be severed where you stand// Dead man don’t have shadows. You picked your poison, made your stand// Then you emptied your cup and consumed me// Left me withered and starved of curiosity.

Don’t you know….I don’t have a steady heart or mind// The darkness shimmers up and down my spine// It anchors me to the centre and crucifies me to the ground// It’s a slow and cruel decline.

You’ll find me in the shadows where the dark things tend to stay// Step closer to the fire, become the sun to light my way// Yes, you emptied the cup and consumed me// There’s a price you have to pay for curiosity

Don’t you know…I don’t have a steady heart or mind

This will be a great song to perform live. I can feel it. Ooh, I might just sing this also on 6 November. At best three songs that are known will be sung on that night. Everything else will be new.


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