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Okay, so Tumi created an entire new playlist for my car. It was a eight hour trip. With an hour break in between. But the music he selected kicked all kinda of ass! So much so that I was not tired at all. We were dancing and singing and laughing all the way there and back.

I miss my child. I have not seen her in six months! She opted to spend lockdown near her boyfriend. So picking her things up at her varsity res was rather…prickly. I can’t wait to see her!

Anyhoo, aside from Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind and Fire….I love the bladdy Supremes!! Such happy music. And I dig this track. Can you believe they wouldn’t play this on the radio? It deals with being a Love Child. Of course, I told Tumi that I am a love child myself! Eish, these parents of ours eh? Haha. Life…happens my people! And we deal with it best with Music of course.

Here’s the song!





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