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“It’s Ben Harper Day today,” says my best friend. Oh yes!!! I woke up so excited to hear the new album. Look here now…he is my favorite artist. My bias is very obvious, but I will skip a track if it doesn’t grab me by the balls.

After the Winter Is For Lovers album – which saw me through all the darkness of 2020 and 2021 – the new music feels more lively, a dash of funk while his blues streaks through. And forgive me, I am writing after hearing the album only once. I did not skip a single track. I plan on listening to Bloodline Maintenance the entire day. More so while preparing food for a dinner next week with friends. Cooking stresses me out. I need music and a glass of wine. So Ben Harper it is!

Some friends overseas attended his concert recently and sent me small clips. All my friends are guilty of this delicious crime. I heard a snippet of Need To Know Basis – and could not stop laughing! The Harpernator singing about aliens in his first line was surprising and it is so damn funky!

However…..there is one track that is on repeat since I heard the opening notes. The song is deeply haunting…