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We meet all manner of people in different places. At clubs, at work, in church and on dating sites. We meet them for all manner of reasons. Usually not for the reasons we might suspect!  I have been lucky to meet wonderful men who have since become my friends on dating sites. Hell, I was meant to meet someone at Afrika Burn a few years ago but ran into them afterwards at home. We swapped insane stories and have since become friends, working on a fantastic project together !  Still, I had to remind him, “Hooi! How many times have I said I am here to help!”

I have a simple philosophy, one that has taken a few years to put in place. Just tell people the truth, and show them who you are. No bullshit, no lies. Rock up. Be present and see what happens. My sister and many of my female friends roll their eyes at me. Never! Why should I always be the one too….blah, blah, blah. Look, life is short. I wanna spend my time on and off stage with passionate human beings. My cards are always on the table. Does it make me an easier person to play  a game with? I would hope so as I am not bent on anyone’s destruction. Besides, I dont wanna play a game where someone loses. Why cant we just all get along, eh?

A few weeks ago I complained to my one best friend. As I was bored and feeling a bit uninspired. Just watch, he said. This always happens before your life becomes busy. As is, I am busy until the end of the year.  And my birthday month is gonna be insane!!! We are heading off to Summercamp to celebrate. I also confirmed the name of my 10th album. A phrase I heard while sitting at our camp.

That reminds me….I am off to studio later today! To work with a colleague at the radio station who has since become a friend. We work well together. And I cannot wait to see what happens when we hang out and make Music. Two albums. The one will be called Fool’s Gold and the other Kissing Cars.

“Do you remember we did this with your second album?”said my one best friend. “Of course I dont remember!” I sent him songs I am considering for an album. But I never doubted him (I have a shitty memory) or our friendship as I have wonderful people in my circle. And my circle is not small. Sometimes I like to pretend it is…but it really isn’t. Granted, I am an introvert but I make friends easily. Really good ones who stick around for years, if not decades!

Sometimes we all forget that there are people we can speak to, can reach out to for anything. It reminds me of my something this dude Shaun said….