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I am making up for Lockdown and the lack of contact with friends in a very short span of time. Not only in CT but everywhere I go it seems.

Right now, I  can see my friends/family, out in the sun with their small kids. They are watching their father cut wood for another fire we will sit around. Even though the sun is urging us to go to the beach, which we will do later. But there’s something in the air I tell you. And this is why. The words I hear everywhere I turn is…frequency and vibration.

When the guests left  in the early hours of this morning, we sat in the lounge and discussed the happenings of the late afternoon evening. ‘When they left, as I was putting the babies to sleep I could see shadows whispering from behind the walls..’ said my friend/sister to her husband. Yeah, we didnt like the energy of some new guests we didnt know…And what they brought lingered around for a while. We could all feel it.

Things are becoming to much clearer in terms of how we see people and sense the vibes they give off. Says my Swaar (brother in law), ‘I needed you to come around and help me make sense of what I have been feeling and sensing…’ So we spoke for a long while…Or I just sat and listened. It’s  not as if I know what the hell is going on either. We are all just riding the energy and maintaining our balance as best we can.

Swaar asked me what to do about people who cannot sense the shifting energies, those who refuse to open their eyes to a greater reality we live in. ‘Look, different people wake up at different times. All you can do is ensoul the energy you feel as best you can without insisting anyone does anything. Free will and all…’  We all walk at our own pace, and end up where we end up somehow.

My people, regardless of race or culture, are somehow very tired to the land and bits of the old knowledge that comes in the form of dream, and harnessing.collective  energy. Whether we ask the family to sit down and pray/meditate on a shared vision or call in for protection. We spoke about  these realities…and jumping time lines! I confessed a bit of my own weirdness in that regard also. And no one batted an eyelid. These kinda things are standard as we go about our lives. Or maybe it is for me and the people I run into. Who knows?

And always, the people I care for create a space I can easily inhabit. Along with their family, friends and everyone who matters. Oh and the whiskey we end up sharing around a fire as we share stories.  I never end up staying only one night! Haha

It’s  a blessing I reckon. Knowing that I am always at home, regardless of where I go. And Music is the last thing we talk about. See, these friends would never ask me many things but never, ever… to sing bladdy karaoke! There are lines my people. Lines one does not cross! Haha