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I thought of my daughter today. It was the feel of the cold wind and snatches of sky caught in the backyard of a friend’s home while smoking. I remembered  her small body in my arms  gliding  as though we could fly when the birds and wind crested around the mountain. I was happy living in Woodstock once. My daughter was small and my love affair with Music had just begun.

Milder thoughts filtered through my mind in the last year. Sober thoughts after the intoxication of people and places.

Just how long would you like to live? What would you like to experience? What and who are you willing to part with or embrace?

Most of my real answers involve Music. The different albums, soundscapes, performances to stage. I love being surprised by the Musicians themselves, those I get to hear and work with. Books. Art. Travelling. People. Laughter. And more and more Music. Or perhaps the spirit of Music that blooms wherever it seeds itself. Yes. The spirit of Music is what informs the rest of my life, the bits that matter. My general philosophy regarding humans are as follows: people share who they are. No more. No less. Pay attention. 

All I can do is tackle on thing at a time. While in CT – prepare for the Tankwa residency and friends. Then Home. Daughter.  Family. Friends. Write new music and prepare for Afrika Burn. I have no thoughts around Afrika Burn itself. None.  But the last few months felt lighter, faster. I met amazing people who surprised the hell out of me! Yet even there  I remind myself – distance and discernment. Your balance or peace of mind never resides in anyone else’s hands. And it’s okay to be happy….because I am happy. Regardless of where I am or who I am with. X