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Why do we use so many words eh? My mentor once told me, ‘Auriol, when someone’s house is on fire they don’t use many words do they? Help! Fire! That’s enough’. I used that logic when writing music for sure. In my “real” life….not so much. For God sake I blog everyday! Long damn rambling pieces of nonsense thought! I mean, that previous sentence alone was too much!

Perhaps, maybe, because….Matt and I are off to Summercamp tomorrow and we are counting down the hours like excited kids, preparing and trying our best to avoid complications on the road or while camping out. Summercamp, Afrika Burn, Burning Man is next…are small reminders to remain present. At least for me they are. At the previous Summercamp I laid to rest much of the grief I was carrying. It was conscious choice to dance and let go.

This time around? I am welcoming new energy into my life. Gatherings like Summercamp and Afrika Burn are a reminder that we are as tied to Mother Nature as we are to each other. A little fact every day living tries to rob us of. Something deeply profound is happening to us at such gatherings. A  quiet revolution within, a shedding of skins…

After last year, Daddy’s death and letting go of the weight of past at Summercamp,  I am more honest with my heart. I don’t waste words with people I love anymore. Say it. Own it and let the cards fall where they may. Life needs to be lived and without regret.

So yes!! I wanna dance! Talk  nonsense with amazing people! Laugh! Kiss someone wonderful! And then…with each silly dance move between those mountains where my ancestors left their markings on cave walls….  thank the gods for every good, bad and ugly bit of life I experienced so far.

That is how I intend to spend my weekend. With my feet on the ground and my heart wide open.