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Goodness, I have lived in this small town for three years since being called home by my Mother….but in a span of a few weeks have met more people than I ever have! And they all ask the same question,  ‘Where are you from?’ As though I am some exotic creature. I blame my sister for this of course, as she has forced me to be more social!

She rocks up looking  like a proper lady and I look like a damn gangster with my half shaven head and all…with a whiskey in hand.  Ps, it’s my job to protect my sister…

This is what I love about small towns. You just never know who you will run into or how the night will pan out.  So  imagine my surprise when a lawyer walks in and proceeds to read ( in the way a psychic would) my sister, myself and another lad friend! He looked at me and said….the person you will end up loving is not South African….and a lot of other shit, that there was no way he could have known! I found this astounding,  as usually I am the one telling random people this kinda stuff!

This is why I love my life. There might be a great deal I  don’t have, but I live for moments of magic that comes when I  don’t expect it.

Wonderful  things happens in the strangest of ways. Even in a small town with one damn traffic light! Haha