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Again, shared bits of writing from my book and jumble – jamble thoughts in my notebook.


Dearest faraway girl

Ours is the energy of the Moon Goddess. Deeply sensual, obsessive and all consuming. The memory wired crimson to our bones, passed from one daughter to the next. We catch glimpses of it in dreams, like unbloomed shadows.

Our hearts are scattered across time eternal. Love cannot be known in its true form while tethered to this plane. So reminders of The More is scattered in different places and people, beckoning to become known. Bei Dao’s said ‘freedom is nothing but the distance between the hunter and the hunted.’ Love is freedom girl of mine. Revel in your new found bravery, in the open fields before you, the dry sand under your feet and the skies that are as expansive as your heart.

Nothing is certain but this: Love will find its way to you.
So tread gently…



Every meeting with you is a small goodbye

Ice on the tips of my fingers