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I wrote a new song today. Probably one of my darkest yet. My daughter mocks me and says I am all love and light. This kid clearly does not know me. I just found a safer way of dealing with my shadow.  Yes, through Music of course.

I knew I was slightly annoyed today. I mean I suspected something was off. Here are some of the lyrics. The song has no name as yet. But I can see myself singing it on stage. …and letting go of that rage. This, on Women’s Day! But then again I wrote Rolling Deeo on Women’s Day also.


I ain’t here for your one hit love
Take your dead fingers off my chest yeah?
The dark thunders, the light slumbers and little girl dreams dont live here.
I’m  all fire and fury, I’ll  bury your heart until the sun gives in. IN silence dwells madness and in the end you’re gonna give me your skin.

Click,click, click Bang// On my heart strings you will hang// And your toes wont reach the floor// You’ll be crying out for mercy and I wont care no more// Take your one hit love, and your rat pack heart// If you stay much longer i will tear you apart.

It gets progressively worse from that point onwards. I was and am annoyed….at a few things. Yes.  

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