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Laura and I performed our song at sunset. In the same region where I composed it. After we were left to find our way back to camp in the early morning hours. I wrote it while walking and Laura fleshed it out so well.

So many hands helped to make it memorable. Akissi, a performance artist and sculptor helped with makeup. Nknosinathi gave us wonderful sound. Getting good sound in the desert is no joke! JP dug holes, sorted out the generator and Deon helped with everything in between. Gina was our producer and we even had drone footage filmed, in addition to the normal filming.

Here are the lyrics to the entire song…

A tribe of stones with no way home are calling out to me// the unknown sun and plains of broken blue cloud all I can see// the vastness of familiar things are trinkets for slumbering kings//

and still I walk alone….and still I walk alone
Until my heart splits in two beneath shifting sands…I walk alone

It looms, it looms…touching the sky
The Dreaming Gods breathe silence
Stilling my desires that rivers through my bones
As I walk alone

It was a very special performance