My notebook no longer has any space to write in! Yes, it is time I purchase another one. Many of what is written somehow becomes lyrics to songs. Usually when I write music alone I haul all of them out and search for the right phrase and hope it fits. I love looking back at my scribbles and recalling  wonderful events and people who found themselves in my life.
A close friend left a Hafiz quote in my book

‘Let’s not forget that we never stop secretly loving those we once loved out loud’ Hafiz

Allison – Claire Hoskins’ response when I asked her where home is. She travels a great deal.
‘I carry home with me…’

Said a friend,
‘The thing that binds you, that indentures you is love. It’s not the white man who stole the land and controls the economy.

It’s your brother, your husband, your father…

It’s slavery that is seen as love’

Fairy lights
And music that travels in streaks of electric blue

A question I constantly ask myself: What stupid things am I doing today to fuck up my life?


That dude…he’s a bladdy walking bass line


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