For a while I wrote poems to my daughter. A new one every day. Especially when she decided to name herself horse (long story). I wrote them and hid them all over her room. This was always my favorite one. Honestly, I wrote for myself I think. So I would not die of boredom!



I walked into a room and all I could see was a wrinkly old lady with no memory
She remembers nothing and keeps saying on and on
That all her fun times are surely now gone

“Tell me old lady, tell me why do you say
that nothing good will ever come your way?”
“Because small girl”’ she says with a frown
“My wonderful world has been turned upside down
I use to be a horse with a rainbow golden tail
But then I lost it while gambling to a flatulent whale.

Gone is my magic filled with blue and purple pinks
Gone is my super brain with super brainy thinks

Now I am just an old lady, a grown up, a grump
A wrinkly old lady with too many lumps
A sad old lady who smokes and who drinks
A stinky old Mama with bad feeling thinks

Then she looked at me and quietly said
“Don’t become a human, stay a horse instead
Terrorise your mother, fart close to your brother
Tell your granny to get another lover.
Because my dear, horses are fun and horses are free
And a horse can pee wherever they want to – see?

Now I have to use toilet paper on my backside and that is no fun
So go be a horse and annoy everyone!