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I mentioned often (and this sounds hella dramatic) my divorce did not injure me as much as being without my daughter. She decided to live with her father at the age of 15. Brand new levels of hell were discoved. I had to relearn what being alone meant. An odd thing happened shortly thereafter. Saying goodbye to anyone/ everyone became easier. In fact, that’s when I began to run.

Isn’t  it strange, the working of one’s heart? Or how, when one least expects it, everything folds back in on itself, except you are no longer the same. I see so many people’s lives moving or giving the illusion of flight. They are having babies, getting into and out of relationships, travelling. Me? Everything deepens with time. My love of Music, family and friends.

When I pen new music about missing anyone – It’s for my daughter who is leaving tomorrow. She asked that I stop running, and breathe. But then again she studied psychology along with god knows how many other subjects I most likely forgot about. Open up Mother, she says. One thing at a time though. 

In the meantime getting proper sleep is a priority. I have every intention of sleeping early, but come 2am….my mind feels like the 2nd guy dancing. Even worse if I am writin Music! Haha