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I have been home for…less than a week. Just when I was convinced I could relax… back to Cape Town I go. As our performance is three weeks away, with my full band. Aside from the music there is so many other things requiring attention!

How did this happen eh? I planned on doing a few things this week and visiting family/friends this weekend and fitting in a jam session with new musicians….all of which has to be cancelled.

I don’t know how people manage to have a real person at their side, small kids and then all the madness with their career. No, I do know. It requires balance. I didn’t manage it so well the last time. Music hastened what was always an inevitability. Choose who is at your side wisely my people. On and off stage. Needy and possessive is never gonna fly. The music scene in South Africa is hard enough to navigate as is.

The music I chose for the two performances are not mine. I find this rather exciting and scary. As I need to know my stuff. The there’s hair and makeup, marketing and many things one just can’t prepare for. Also, I am gonna go on a dating spree while in Cape Town. Besides, I promised my sister to be less afraid and not view these excursions as a social experiment.

Yeah. Music it is. Music 24/7 until I can chill in the middle of June. Perhaps I can even squeeze in some studio sessions. Now that would be downright amazing! The cherry on top of what will be a rather exciting month!

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