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How do you wake up in the morning? What’s the first thing you do? How do you handle days that start badly? How do you deal with ‘difficult’ people who trigger you?

Breathe my people. Breathe and observe. Your own thoughts, emotions and those on display around you…

My Saturday mornings, when I was married and happy-ish….use to start with Jack Johnson’s music. And if I was very happy would water the garden while my kid watched her shows and the now ex husband would do whatever he needed to do. Always with music, is how I started my day. It only occured to me that the first time I listened to Jack Johnson was this year. After almost 9 years! The music is my own once again, free of memories of the past.

Now, after Daddy died, our Saturdays start gently. I still listen to music and go check on my Mother. What’s for breakfast and who is making lunch? Shall we go for a hike today or stay in bed because it’s cold and rainy? With Tumi being here, he is tasked with sorting out the music. And he always plays love songs. That guy is such a ball of gentleness and fun.

I am convinced that we are here to heal not only ourselves, others but the earth itself. It all starts with me. With you. Yesterday, after the radio interview I told Tumi, ‘My dude, I felt so out there. As though I was speaking from this place so far removed that everyone else functions on…’ The radio talk show asked me about music, the lockdown and earning money. I answered along the lines of…seeking joy for the sake of joy itself first. Not doing it for others, your ego or money. And seeing your life unfold. About Lockdown clarifying matters in our lives. She asked about the track They Will Never Own Us – and I said it was a reminder that we are sovereign human beings who shouldn’t look towards politicians, church leaders or anyone else for answers. I swear, in some past life I was either a monk or an adviser to some bad people…

Being a Scorpio, I watch people carefully. And maintain that of you observe carefully and plan well – you can anticipate the next move played by your opponent and counter it. This is why I love watching people in a club! However, my Mother taught me faith, trust and grace. Hence, I allow people to do whatever they please without trying to control anything. As long as I am in control of my own emotional wellbeing.

Even when it comes to music. Show me your vision for the song first. Let’s hear. If I like what I hear,then we can work with it and fuse our ideas. I do this with everyone I work with. Regardless of their level of skill.  After all, this is a process of co-creation. And in order to get people to give their best I have to provide a safe space for them. As was always given to me.

Back to what needs doing now. I have chores to do. Who knows? I might even run into that guy with the fantastic beard and actually find out who he is! Haha.

Later, a hike with the family and off to the market with Tumi. Then we record vocals. Life is easy and gentle on my side. It’s that ease of being that I enjoy and with which I start every day. That’s the energy I chose to bring into the lives of everyone I meet. That….and music.