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I mean….what is sanity eh? Especially in times like these. I do a bunch of weird stuff and think about crazier things, and so thought I would let it all hang out, so to speak. I do not think any of this should surprise….

I….Join dating sites but never pay. As I enjoy looking at men without having to speak or engage. The really juicy ones will become part of a story I want to write or a song that needs a something spicy. Besides, their bios are a great fodder for songs! I do love reading for music while wondering who these bladdy people are at the same time!

I….cant wait for Summercamp to celebrate my birthday with friends again this yeah. Mine and well, Matt decided he wants helium balloons and some other crazy shit as his birthday and mine are a few weeks apart. We will hang out there that if nothing comes up on his end or mine.

I love this one account on instagram called The Black Man Can. It is filled with so many feel good pics, stories and general coolness. It is my bit of something lovely for the day. Oh, and I love checking out new ways I can braid my hair…one needs to be prepared. Just in case the mood strikes you know!

I seriously dig watching anything related to aliens and our intergalactic brotherhood. As if living here on earth right now isn’t enough….do you have any idea of the mad drama going on around us? That shit is cray cray!!! Real or not…it is  hella entertaining!

I want to visit….Sutherland. Instanbul. Mali ( as many African countries as possible). Berlin. The catacombs in France. All the ancient temples. Hawaii. Memphis. Vermont ( my father and I loved a song called Moonlinght in Vermont by Ella and Louis). The rest can come as a surprise.

My ringtone is still I Don’t Believe A Word You Say by Ben Harper. Kinda fitting…being a suspicious Scorpio and all. Besides. That song kicks ass.

Greatest love of my life is still….Music…and perhaps my daughter. Depends…on my mood. I shouldn’t say that anymore. She actually believes me. Silly kid.

I cannot wait to watch Dune in October. Seriously. I am booking my ticket ahead of time!

Lies I tell myself…I want kids. Look, I like the energy around me. Love it. But seriously, I enjoy my solitude. So, whomever I end up with should have kids yes. But to pop them out….maybe not eh! Kids tend to…fuel my creative juices, so I dig having them around.

I would like to shoot a music video where I am surrounded by…either….naked men I am drinking whiskey from or with. Or a room filled with books….and whiskey…and naked men. I have ideas…I know people who would. Hehe

I look forward to Music more than I do a lover. Now you could argue about the quality of the man all you like. Still. Music it is. I dream about being in studio with my producer putting together a soundscape, the musicians laying down their bits on the album and finally getting that call. “Come and listen…” Oh my sweet lawd, I can see it so clearly, can feel the elation running wild throughout my entire body. I never wanted anything as much as I wanted music! Even after all these years. Still. It excites me!

Yes for a kimono! And more ink. Butterflies (for my father and so many other people I love) Inked on my left arm.

I do not enjoy cooking for other people. I will if given no other choice.  And I promise no one will end up at the emergency room. I have not cooked for any man in the last…uhm..since being divorced. I must really, really feel something if I do embark on a culinary journey for a someone special. As long as there is bacon and eggs around, I am happy. But not everyone feels this way apparently.

Oh, and I start working at a community radio station as a co-host in the new week. Yeah, there’s that. Have a great week my people. Switch off the news. Ignore it. Kinda hard for me as from next week onwards…but that is another story altogether. Listen to good music and hang out with good people yeah? Good energy, that’s what we need more of. So generate it and then spread it around!

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