Sharing some scribbles in my notebooks. Many of the views are..well, my own! Haha.


‘Many a man who loves spiritually is a weakling – a professor. Many a man who loves physically is a brute. But when the two are mixed, he loves with all the fire and passion of a poet and a cave-man.’


Chained in Gold

                                    by Miss Brown


You know my grandmother once said there’s a cure to everything – even a heart that’s broken in places. Of course I did not believe her! I was young and just like every youthful girl greedy for love. She told me the story her mother told her. Would you mind if I shared it with you?

My great grandmother fell in love with a man by accident and in spite of herself. This troubled her so deeply she could not sleep very well. One night she slipped into a bath after an altercation, thought of him and fell into a deep reverie. By the time she emerged she knew not only how she felt but developed a bit of a trick, a method of uncovering truth, as she put it. It was shared with my grandmother who in turn shared it with me. As I will now with you..

“Every time you think of another you are linked. It’s that link, the band of energy made of secret thoughts and desires that tie them together.  When I thought of my Jay…a thundering arctic blue wave came to mind. By the time it reached me,  it splashed at my feet, anchored itself around my throat and moved steadily towards my heart. Yet inside the arctic blue ran rivers of vibrant green. Show me how to… he silently pleaded. And that’s when I knew regardless of what he said or what others thought he loved me…”

Does it seem like a silly thing my dear? To imagine that every single person broadcasts thoughts, dreams and secret longings ? Ah yes, I agree with you. Many do not voice it and that’s why we have so many problems. My great grandmother was a wise woman and not one to leave things be. After all she loved him and knew their paths were linked, even if he did not.

“Child, I sent that man, your grandfather… the energy of swirling galaxies, constellations, entire worlds on distant planets erupting with life.  Whenever I thought of him I found  our secret place, the chord of light between my heart and his… and Golden was its colour. That’s why I knew without doubt or certainty how he felt. Why I dreamt of him, for him…and knew that I could not run away from him or what I felt.”

Of course you can use the technique my dear! If clarity of heart is what you need, then by all means. Now how about we get you something to eat? It’s almost nine o’ clock after all.

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