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Lyrics for  songs come from all manner of strange places. I carry around a notebook for this reason alone. People say cool shit. A melody finds me and perhaps one word. Then the hunt begins as I sit at the piano.

I am sharing lyrics to a song written a while ago. A few lines came from a fun date with  an Austrain. Some cool words came from Matt while we were discussing why and how things go wrong.  Even when he is outraged, I enjoy listening and taking  notes. An insight found me after Afrika Burn and  the line Chaos Pilot I overheard at Summercamp.  This was  written when I was rather sad…which was most of 2021, the most disconnected I ever was.  I felt a small relief afterwards, and that is the point – to move towards places and people who feel better.

The song is called Choas Pilot.  The name given to someone who is trouble.

Published by Sony.


Your love needed a knife.   I was made of water, you were bred for strife. Where’s the chaos pilot when I need him to unbuckle time. Filter the sunlight from my poisoned mind.

So love me like an orphan moth chasing sunlight in the dark. I’m past the age of control. Your black halo is all I know. My last minute feelings wont let go.

Why do we always play the same old game. The dose determines the poison. But to  me you remain the same. My hearts desire is a snake that lies. 

So  love me  like an orphan moth chasing sunlight in the dark. Pour  your words all over my skin and let the ruin…begin