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I am amazed at how easily my fragile and lost feeling disappeared.  It’s the wild air and the barrenness of the space. Also, I decided to try out the dating scene and face my fears.

How many of us walk around with ideas of unworthiness eh? How much time has it cost us? All that fear and indecision has lead to more anxiety and depression than is needed. For how long will we give and give and not know how to receive what is freely offered?

Regarding music? I will do the best I can with what I have….while always pushing myself a bit further and harder. I want the Dusk album to feel as lush and loved as I do when I sit with people I love.

I will freak out sure and even have thoughts of running away yes. But so damn what eh? As long as I don’t. As long as I keep trying my best to face whatever fears I might have. That’s enough for now…

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