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Rules to live by…or things I try to not forget.


  1. What you give out is what you get back. Time, energy, resources….love. They always come back in unexpected ways.
  2. You are the party. Your energy alone is what matters. Not the person or anything external. So decide how to show up in your world.
  3. Detachment. Or in plain language: Have zero fucks to give. Things happen. Do not carry the weight of the past with you. It’s bladdy emotionally draining. You can and will do better next time, so forgive yourself.
  4. We are never without what we need most. Just pay more attention. Perhaps what was, for example taken away, is preparing you for what’s coming. And what if whats around the corner is better than you could imagine eh?
  5. Breathe…..
  6. If you feel alone…bake in the sun, walk on the beach or in between a forest of trees. Nature helps to reconnect us back to ourselves, others and whatever your name for God is.
  7. Everything serves a purpose,  even what is considered ‘ bad’ or ‘wrong’ . And even the ‘bad’ has its day in the sun. In short, contrast is what we all experience. Remain balanced and then revert to rule number 3.
  8. We all get tested. Sometimes everything happens at once ( all kinds of temptations or dramas) or nothing happens at all (spiritual drought, famine). Don’t panic. If you do get everything right …well, then there is no reason for you to hang around is there? Things do get easier. In time you will be able to navigate even the roughest of waters and the calmest of seas. With a whiskey in your hand and a lover at your side. When that happens, remember Remember rule 5
  9. Have more fun! Throw a party just because it’s Wednesday at 6pm dammit! Play music loudly and invite the family round for a dance off. Or enjoy a killer round of dominoes on game night and wrap every day objects in pretty gift wrap ( like a packet of noodles or an old fork) for the winning team….just because you can!
  10. Never stop being curious. We die when we forget we are imagineers at heart. Let the crazy kid out to play more often.
  11. Everything for a reason, the good and the bad. The best bit is….only you get to decide what meaning it has.
  12. Remember to be grateful for everything and everyone in your life. If you are not, well then….fix it dammit! Find the silver lining and weave your world wonderful. Or be content as a miserable sod and revert to rule 5.

The rest? I will make up as I go along and report back. Have a great week wherever you are. X

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