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I am loving every minute of this road trip with one of my best friends. I joked and told him, ‘You are one of my two First Husbands’. Understand, I am his third wife…hehe.

We had beautiful moments, sharing a whiskey at Dusk, eating great food. At this one restaurant called Die Strandloper I had the best time ever! A bladdy ten course meal, most of it being fresh sea food! Obviously, I opted to have gin instead of whiskey.

Yet, at one point in time the guitarist played a song my father loved. So there I am high on good vibes, the sun, the sea, food and gin when this song played. Do you wanna know what went through my mind? I love you Daddy. Then I had another swig of gin, smiled and went back to eating great bladdy food! As he would have loved this space. This is what goes through my mind every day….all I can do is enjoy each moment as best I can. The rest will take care of itself.

I love that I can hear the sea as I type. Just as I do at home. Except, the sea is a great deal wilder here. At every place I ever visited, the sea assumes a different set of apparel. Adjusting to the area where she finds herself, and the needs of the people. And I do feel bit more wilder being here. More free in my skin. Perhaps because I am away from family and the obligations that I love while there. Now I can think of Music finally! And focus on just what I need.

This pandemic has made all of us….appreciate more what we have always had. I am deeply grateful my best friend asked me to come with him. As we both needed this space…so we can breathe a bit more.

In short, I am nothing without those who stand beside me. That is the true essence of Ubuntu, a concept every indigenous people the world over knows. And listen here man, we all come from a special group of people from somewhere. We, out here in Africa, are just able to trace it with greater ease than most. So love those at your side yeah? And never take them for granted. As one day they are there….and then they are gone. I just hope you got to share the depth of your love before they are on the other side. And if you didn’t, trust me they can hear you and walk beside you still.

Dream well wherever you are. X