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Larry Joe died. He was a musician who managed to turn his life around after taking some hard knocks. It’s not often that a talented human who comes out of prison gets the chance to be who they were always meant to be, while doing what they love.

I cant claim to have known him well at all. We spent one afternoon together while recording a duet. But I really liked his energy and we ripped each other off a lot. We laughed a great deal, that I do recall…while smoking a cigarette outside.

Do you know what goes through my mind? Music saved him. And he managed to save a few other souls also. Just by being his wonderful self. It’s never about the Music or the work or the money. This is what really matters – sharing our light, that spark that makes us burn so brightly, with others. As best we can, however we can. This is how we save each other.

Be at peace my brother. Every bit of who you are mattered…and still does to those who loved you.

Here’s the song we recorded together.


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