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It happens when I least expect it and with lightning speed – I am back in the desert. I hear it so clearly, the music from our neighboring camp as the sun ascends and the Burn lights up our skin.

This is how it began every morning. With Kevin checking that all is in order with our tents and every single person he encounters. Katherine and David’s gentle banter reassuring us as breakfast is made. Alexis’ boisterous morning laughter checking to see if we all enjoyed ourselves as much as swarms of bodies dancing in the G Spot did. Karolien rubbing her eyes, recovering from the night before, debauchery still glued to her limbs. Luke and Evie already energised by the music and sun. More alert and alive than anyone should be. Leslie-Anne, dressed and ready to face anything in the sexiest fishnet stocking. And Nour Addine gracing us with his special tea, welcoming everyone into our space. To sit, eat, drink and share.

This small band of warriors, some unknown to each other were now linked by more than just music and the desert. Something all of us struggled to define afterwards. Call it magic. Call it surprise…

Whenever I see an open expanse of land and lights in the distance I remember that place, those people and the Burn whispering…will it be you tonight? What can you afford to let go of? What will you dare yourself to have or be now?

We all wondered off on our own little adventures but eventually we found our way to our G Spot, where swarms of bodies danced. Michelle, transporting us to an unknown destination. Her face determined as she chooses one tune after the next. As though hardwired to the pulsating desires of everyone on her dancefloor.

Luke revealed himself as an Elemental in pink tutu and woolen socks while whizzing between the crowds. Eventually Karolien stomped in with her punk, black boot energy, brandishing a bottle of whatever’s available and sharing it freely as she danced. Evie,  elegant and eyes glistening, taking in everything as she sways and jokes. Every moment a surprise.

Radiant Alexis surveying the bodies gyrating in delight, the ultimate ringmaster of our dancefloor. And who can forget Nour Addine, infecting everyone with his light language and streaks of blue? Katherine and David, the King and Queen of our camp moving as the music does, taking them on far off quests.  And Kevin, the far distance, keeping a watchful eye while chatting away with friends.

Since leaving the desert I look carefully at the earth under my feet. I imagine bits of secret sand travelling with me, whispering as the sun and music exchange glances so far away. If I am very caref I can her them still.

Shhhh now….find the space however you can. Remember what was asked, what was given and what you let go of.  Shooo now…it’s gonna be okay, says the desert, the wind and the evening sun. Just close your eyes and dance! And Kevin’s words echo still as my skin becomes incandescent with light, burning, burning…

Auriol, remember wherever you go…You. Are. The Party.

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