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It was said that the mind cannot distinguish between what has occured in fact and what we imagine. This is the coolest thing! Hell, I can imagine my way into all kinds of mad adventures….

Since 2019, I  tried my best to remove the gunk of the past from my system. My father dying accelerated that process, washing away much of who I was and how I perceived the world.

Three days before my birthday? What images would I enjoy flooding my being with? Look, I think that’s a question we all ask ourselves.  If history has taught us anything it is this : equilibrium finds us all…..eventually. 

What 2021 taught me was that I can find my balance within myself first….so the nervous energy of the world does not impact me as much.  Do I fuck out? No. I do have small little cries though. And call my friends, my family and confess undying love like a lovestruck teenager. It helps! Haha

Here’s the thing….we are constantly evolving. All we need do is look at our friends. Some stayed. Some left. Those who are still around….I kinda accepted all their differences without it being an issues. The love matters more than anything else. Done. Matter settled. Call you later alligator.

Perhaps being a musician makes it easier to ride the waves and land….wherever I need to be, who knows?

I changed the look of my phone. Why am I mentioning this? I realised that how I interact with others has changed significantly, so gone is the….butterfly cover (that was looking old and haggered), the Ben Harper ringtone ( I am gonna miss my phone singing ‘I Don’t Believe A Word You Say). My new ringtone is so happy and camp…everytime the phone rings all I wanna do is dance!  My phone cover matches my ink….delicate and pretty. Even my screensaver is deliriously alive and bursting with color!

This small little process wasnt  done for vanity ( although one should revel in beauty) but…. as a reminder. Of what? Let’s see? I know myself a great deal more  now and that’s enough. I have great family and friends ( a blessing) and I am signaling to myself my readiness to embrace new energy.  That’s what Summercamp is gonna be a celebration of. Shedding old skin. Burying it. Dancing away the energy that held me captive in 2021.  Next to be deleted is my instagram account.

I will complete all the projects I am working on, including music. Eventually this website will be deleted also.  But before that happens….fuckit man….being human is fun. There is so much I would like to experience before I kick the bucket. Like….waking up in the arms of someone I love. And there is no fear. No doubt…..for the most part! Come on now, real life is messy! I am accounting for that also! Hehe

Enjoy your Wednesday wherever you are.  Dont be scared to mix shit up, just because you can. Change your ringtone. Your hair. Your shirt. Perhaps even your lover! Change whatever you need to…but do it because it is a celebration of who you are. And if we accept that who we are is not linear….but cyclical…bladdy quantum baby and filled with mad cosmic energy and weird timey-wimey jumps of deliciousness….then yeah…live it up! And be bold. Carry around that dashing ‘I dont give a fuckness’ with pride, you amazing creature you. X