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I enjoyed greater peace of mind this year. My highlights does not include Afrika Burn. In fact, I was rather mortified and doubt whether I will go next year. Instead the Tankwa Artscape Residency in the desert, the song written and the friendships forged was a great memory.

Best bit of 2022? Being able to create the album Silk and Gravel with Andre and my band of musicians. Having my daughter on board as my creative director. Discovering a killer recipe for the super moist chocolate cake. I found a new mentor and made one great new friend. Meeting Tim Butcher and reading all his books exceeded my expectations. Summercamp was a blast, best party of the year.  No one died.

The rest was filled with family and friends.  My year was relatively drama free. In other words, I had no drama to serve in 2022.  Not too shabby, eh?

If you look back at your year – what stood out? What are you grateful for? What’s the worse song you ever heard? Best pick up line? Book? Movie? Series? Did your sex life improve? Did you pick up any new bad habits?

On a side note – I need earrings and a bag that isnt a black hole. My bucket list items remain the same – working on a new album in Berlin and visiting Istanbul. What’s on yours?