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I own too many books. Certain books have been around longer than items of clothing or boyfriends. I love spending money on notebooks and earrings. Pretty, distinctive  notebooks with blank pages and earrings that are elegant. I think colorful socks are great gifts to receive.

I enjoy  Music best when it isnt tethered to anyone or any experience. My favorite old movie was ruined when I discovered  a specific date mentioned. It is also the birthday of someone I deeply care for.  People ask me to read their tarot cards. For the most part my readings are accurate. I am not a morning person who would rather clean than cook. On my last album I mentioned Tequila twice….it is my preferred drink. I forget to eat and would rather purchase biltong than food. Nothing is sexier than a brave and fearless man. Extra gold stars if he is smart and enjoys cooking. 

After a disaster of a birthday a few yesrs ago(the worse in my entire history), I decided to either stage a performance or I spend it with Matt and a few hundred people at Summercamp. When driving I rarely listen to music. I enjoy podcasts a great deal more. Libraries and second hand bookshops are my favorite place. The biggest shock was discovering that no one in my family can sing. Sure, they can hold a tune….but damn.

I change my mind in an instant. I only met one person in the last three years I would consider being in a relationship with. Dude was so bladdy funny. I do have an agreement with Brooklyn to marry him at a certain age. Or I might kidnap him before then, I threatened. The only reason I would not commit suicide is knowing I would have to return and deal with everyone’s bullshit again. So let’s just get as much done in this life. Release albums, hang with friends and see as much of the world as possible.

Instanbul. Vienna. Berlin. Start a punk band. The possibilities are endless. And, perhaps, that’s the point. Even if today is not a good day. As long as I remember…everything passes.