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I was asked once….if I could have one wish what would it be. My answer? That everyone’s thoughts were clear, impossible to hide or shield. We could literally know what the other person thinks or when they think of us. Regardless of time or distance.

My friend was horrified of course. That all his secret thoughts could be broadcast to the entire world, the horror! But here’s the thing….I do believe that thoughts are real things. Solid objects made of…I dont know…cosmic dust and god particles…that we gather towards ourselves like magicians weaving spells of enormous power. Swish. Swish. Swoosh!  Except we don’t believe it. Or see it. Or care to know at times.

Small thoughts, powered by emotions and deeds, if concentrated on enough….slow down…..coalescing into clumps of matter….until they become solid objects in our field. This is my theory in any case.

Why does this even matter, you ask? Think of your last two or three years. 2020 slowed everyone down. Sometimes changing the trajectory of our path. A path we were rather certain of before. New thoughts. Or perhaps forgotten ones swirled around us, no longer hidden by silly notions like “I dont have time” or “I can make this work  for me”. Our racehorse memories were brought to  a complete halt. So newer ways of being could emerge for us all.  Again, this is my crackpot theory!

I got on to stage twice this year. Wrote less music. I was submerged into the every day-ness of life. Something Music shielded me from. And I experienced the sublime sometimes a million times in one day. I didn’t do what I always did…..which was to run to the piano. I inhaled it all…and felt the earth settle in my bones as the sun warmed my skin. I felt….strangely ….whole.

And so the real question emerged.
What is it you really need Auriol?   We all experienced those “Wtf is going on and where is my life headed” moments, especially in 2020 and this year.

What is it I need? To rediscover awe and the transcendent in Music again. It’s not that I am searching. Instead, breathing slowly….as I await the sublime to find me. I know that sounds bat shit crazy!

  Ps, here’s a secret all artists know. All we can do is ready ourselves for that sublime idea to settle in our skins. So we can give it voice and ensoul it  so others can share in that feeling of connectedness. Of love.

There are Big Thoughts  and Big Dreams hunting us all. Dreams so big they require courage. Courage and a dash of recklessness also!  Damn. Now I sound like a narrator of a fantasy novel. But what if I am right eh? What if Thoughts are real things and they belong in a world or dimensionof their own?  If the wind turns and you happen to find yourself in its path…a small seed is planted and so….the quest begins! Your journey towards being the person you always dreamed of but forgot along the way is alarmingly alive again.

This is what Music feels like to me. A seed…and I have experienced moments of the sublime. Where the gods and all of creation swam within me and I in it. The only other emotion that comes close is Love of course. Hence my other mad thought. Love and Music share the same frequency

Ah, that reminds me of this one mad dream I had. So…there was this alien parking off, observing me. Look here man,  said I, why are you watching me eh? And then I heard its  voice in my head. Where I come from, said it, thoughts manifest immediately. And he showed me it a few times. But here…the process is slowed down. This is what I am here to observe! Hahaha. Lawdy lawd, my inner and outer world is never dull!

Anyhoo. Enough mad ramblings for the day! Watch your thoughts about others but especially yourself. Or try to okay? And have an amazing day. X

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