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Every time I go out I have a great time, as I love watching people. It’s a gem of sorts, finding that couple who spin and weave circles on the dancefloor, or the lady who just happens to be wearing great shoes and a matching bag, the old man whose grey hair makes him look majestically regal..I watch them all very carefully. Signs of life working out, of all being well. Little bits of magic floating in the ethers…

The performance was so much fun, most of the audience new. Of course Amic nearly gave me a heart attack by arriving late. Yet, it all worked out in the end. I have Donovan and Lameez to thank for organising the event. All I had to do was rock up and sing. And sing I did. That was followed by mad conversations with almost…. everyone!

Yet. It was my Afrika Burn/Summer Camp crowd of people I was most excited to see! I ran into new tribe members, all of us a ball of energy that needs release of some sort. On the dancefloor, in nature and with each other…and then there’s all that Music!  I finally got to introduce one of my favorite people to my other favorite person.  Noel met Nour Addine, possibly one of the most charismatic men I know. I always warn people ahead of time and they assume I am joking. I never joke about people who make this world, my world a better place.

Dammit. I miss my Mother. I mean…. seriously? How did this happen eh? That lady! But my nephews ensure she has  her 6 o clock cuppa tea and my sister is cooking up a storm. She is being taken care of. And that’s all that matters. And at the end of this month my daughter returns home. All of us together for the festive season. Did I mention that my kid can cook and bake very well? She also excels in annoying  the living daylights out of me by reverting to her nine year old self when I am around! I loved taking her to school and playing music when she was younger. And she didn’t complain a lick about Ben Harper’s Power of the Gospel sounding off in the car way back then. I didn’t complain about anyone except….Lana Del Rey. She has been banned.

Perhaps that’s what’s best about people we love. They trust us enough to let us go, sometimes taking the circuitous path with dead ends and blind spots knowing that we will come back. However long it takes is how long it takes for us to find our way back. My family gets this. No man I ever dated or loved has, even though I tried explaining. It’s also a Scorpio thing. We need that time away, alone with our thoughts or a crazy friend. The knowing is we come back to those we love….enriched, infused with more love to give.

But I am not looking for the right partner to love. I am more focused on becoming that lovable person instead. Whoever the fates decided must find me will.

Let me try to get more sleep. It was a great night, but so has almost every night been so far.

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