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This is what I got up to, aside from singing with pianist. I used a space curated by fellow artist Andree. She cleared and created a sacred circle made by alien trees. There is a concerted effort made to eradicate them so indigenous trees can flourish with abandon. Yet, as I lay on my back in the circle watching them sway in the wind, a small thought descended. Somewhere, in some other place they are revered as the ancient being they are. Unlike in South Africa where an active campaign to destroy them are afoot.

A lyric of a song written in 2021 popped to mind. The song is called Forests in The Sun. I used some of the lyrics and placed them within the circle. Follow the path, follow the story…

I fall into your arms
At shutter speed
Could this be love
Or a seed
That blooms

The circle of stones surround a small tree that will tower into the sky someday. This was created in Cloud 7 in Fisanthoek, Plettenberg