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I always wondered….how would people react if the ink on their bodies became alive and lifted off their skin? Would what they see reflect their essence, the soul of who they are?

I have two phoenixes, intricate flowers and my daughter’s star sign, the fishes inked on my body. I am planning a butterfly tattoo to commemorate all the people I love who have allowed me to transform my life.

My ink speaks of three things alone – beauty, love and transformation. So if those had to magically come alive I reckon I would be okay.

I am a big believer in the healing power of transformation. It’s not so much as the ability to change everything about one’s being but allowing life to refine what’s already there. This is what I seek – especially in my career.

The energy reading helped as I realized that I do not need to do all the hard lifting by myself. It’s not that I was alone, I just looked in the wrong direction. My eyes are open and vision clear. I know what to do now.

Regarding love? I am a straight shooter. I don’t have space for anyone who detracts from my mission, one of the reasons why I am on this planet – to create beautiful music capable of opening people’s hearts up. Theirs and my own. This is why I love Music – the energy transfer is not only reciprocal but allows for such healing. I am giving freely what I once thought I needed and lacked – love.

So yeah…and I will cry when I feel the tears about to fall. I won’t swallow them or be scared of writing music because I might get stuck in the missing of my father.

In the meantime being as good as I can be to others matters ahead of anything else. And cooking! And laughing! And reading great books under the sun or in a hot bath! And kissing a deeply attractive man after lockdown ends! The idea is to flow, be in less resistance, elevate and transcend.

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