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I feel so much peace being home. Right now, I am in bed and want to remain here. No, I have to see my book dealer Roeland, who I have not seen in months in a few hours. Still. Peace, and a warm bed feels so deeply comforting….

Music. I am writing new music and releasing an album digitally later this year. I do not know if I will include any of the music  written in the last few years, that remains to be seen. So what emotion do I wish to convey? That’s the real question I must answer. 

Yesterday I hung with a fellow Afrika Burner who I call King Midas. I found myself saying, to my shock and horror, how much of my time is consumed by other people. I only claim time and space for Music. Nothing else. Any exceptional emotion or person finds themselves locked between the pages of my notebook or a song. Even the sex has to be mindblowing or I feel so drawn to an individual for any of that passion to be expressed in Music. If I am not inspired to write Music while seeing or dating someone – I leave and they are not given another thought. Hence, I need to check in with myself first. Always and about everything.

I am deeply aware of what needs to be achieved in the new week. However, this weekend….I am staying in bed and eating chocolates. I value time and honesty. Perhaps, I should start placing a higher value on my own eh? My own heart and time is as scared of those I love and care for. Yes.

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