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Before I embark on any course of action I ask myself – are you excited, do you feel peace or is your mind a mess? When I feel peace – I do as I know I should. Experience taught me to pause when  mind cannot behave and throws out too many suggestions. Do you know what peace feels like? Bladdy good man, it feels good.

Even though I appear  calm  and reasonable  (offstage), I am not. I do what is best for my own wellbeing at every step. And my wellbeing is determined by the amount of peace I feel around people or in places. When I feel a lack of peace around an individual – I simply remove myself from their company. No drama , long speeches or ill  intent.


After one altercation with my Mother sometime after my father passed, I made a conscious decision to not waste time or energy remaining angry at anyone. Ever. Especially not my Mother, and we rarely disagree with each other. I have experienced small upsets, yes. There are certain individuals from my past who will remain in my past, yes. Yet, I refuse to wage war with anyone in my mind.

I am no saint, yo. I enjoy my tequila, a mad night out dancing, or seducing a delicious man for non musical purposes. And probably will indulge when I feel called to, but the decision to do anything or anyone (so very crass I know) is determined by the same question.


Do I feel peace or good being here with you? And do you feel it being around me?  And if the only thing of value is my frequency – do I bring peace into the lives of the people I deeply Love?

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