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I wish I had more Aries in my chart, like my daughter and my friend Adrian. Instead, there’s way too much Libra wnergy floating around, despite being a Scorpio. Where am I going with all this  astrology mumbo jumbo you ask?

I always find myself slap bang in the middle of disputes, people turning to me for advice.  And I am expected to be unbiased and act accordingly!? As though I am the bladdy Dali Lama…or Desmond Tutu. Now, we all know that even our beloved Desmond got thrown out of and turned away by the refugees in CT a few months back when they occupied St George’s Cathedral, demanding better treatment from the South African  government. They didn’t want to hear him speak of peace. They demanded answers and justice dammit!

At home I find myself in the same position. After a while I said…fuckit, sort your own shit out. You people are making me sick. Then I got angry and…uhmm…shouted a bit  here and swore a bit over there. Dali Lama be dammed. And Desmond also! Then I bounced, hung out with friends,made some music and still. Here I am.

It isn’t easy navigating one’s  way through such a mess. I believe (and will stick to the notion, so don’t try to sway me) that people are always trying their best. No one really wants to be an asshole or dick 24/7 do they? In my world that kinda behavior  is reserved for seriously mental people. And none of the people or situations I am dealing with has any of that energy. Just people who feel they are not being heard. People who don’t know where to turn to, as matters got out of hand. People who do not speak their truth or no longer know how to anymore.

Honestly,  I feel like calling a damn conclave and getting everyone in one room, with some whiskey and Ben Harper’s music playing in the background to ease my troubled  mind. That wouldn’t go down well as they might turn against me when they hear The Harpernator  singing….

All any of us can do is speak our truth. What matters more I will ask them? Being right or being kind? In fact, as I sit with this worrying situation, it is the very question I am asking myself. What matters more? And the answer is simple. My truth, as biased as it is. Dammit, I want peace, love, happiness, whiskey and good sex! Is that so much to ask? Music is a given. Music is like that lover I always turn to when the shit goes down. Just assume he is always there. We don’t need to speak about it okay?

I find it hilarious when my friends see me losing my shit. I do it intentionally as a distraction. Look, someone would have to piss me off for years before I cut them out of my life completely.  Yet, when that happens…you re dead to me bucko! You simply won’t exist. My boundaries are clear, solidified with stone, iron and broken whiskey bottles.

Enough. I need a song. And a good one before things get hairy. Wish me luck! In fact, just throw a few leprechaun my way why don’t you?


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