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It’s  okay to have moments of sheer and complete panic, I reminded myself a few hours ago. It’s  okay to doubt and not know which way to turn or what to do. This is just part of being human. Some bits  are harder than most, and that’s okay also.

I ask myself a series of questions ever so often. In terms of my inner life, career and personal relationships, when compared to a year ago, have I evolved and happily so? If I died this very second is there anyone I would have to haunt because I left things unsaid? Would I want to return in order to experience a few things I didnt get around to?

I learnt how to shift energy around last year. To feel as panicked as I need to or even scared and then consciously move things around. A bit of sun, a good laugh here and there…and Bob’s your uncle, I feel a bit better. It has become easier with practice after Daddy died.  And if there is a day here and there when it doesn’t…that’s okay also. I have to be the master of my own inner kingdom…

Right, time to perhaps make ginger snap biscuits and write some music. Sounds like a plan. Have a great day wherever you are.


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