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One song to keep you sane, to keep you honest. During the last few years I needed an entire album on loop just to think clearly or not freak out.

One song to keep you sane, one song to keep you safe. Right now it is Ben Harper’s  Maybe I Cant.  As we were driving, best friend asks, ” What song is going through your mind? Need To Know Basis- Ben Harper; my current happy song.

Noel, Maya Spektor and I

Research for the 7th album has officially started tonight.  I need a pretty notebook. Or one that’s a bit more serious. And perhaps a lovely pen also. Making notes on one’s phone is so very…uncouth.

Last week a small thought streaked through my mind. “What if there is no big love in your life aside from Music?” Honestly – I can live with that. Do I think love will come? It always does. The question remains – what to do with when it comes?