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My boys treat me as though I am one of them and it is hella fun but deeply problematic. My boys (aka the straight male friends) and I headed out to celebrate at a club. After all, my single dropped yesterday. Rum was had along with bad dancing and a healthy dose of cock blocking. But in all fairness…. I was there to dance.

In the early morning my other sister was at hand with tea, as is our custom while the twins were being their crazy selves. Kissing,  threatening  and using my face as a racing track for their cars. Climbing all over me,  laughing and searching my bag like dirty cops!

My people and I a few years ago

And that’s when it hit me – my friends missed me and I missed them more than I thought. This was my  first proper visit this year. Considering I spent most of my 2021 with them and their family, we needed a good catchup. At least thr boys call me by my proper name –  Aunty Yo.