I decided to go with a song I wrote. One of my first, when I was living in Johannesburg. Now, for many people from Cape Town, they dislike the energy of the fast city. But I loved it and was happy. I just signed my first record deal and was living in a city whose energy and mine were the same. It was busy sure, crime was a reality yeah….but the people were fantastic. Also, I could wake up in the morning, hear the birds and still feel like I was in the middle of nowhere. Sitting with my cup of coffee, books and smoke. Sublime.

This morning I was reminded of that feeling. I call it one of my crack happy songs. Off my first album Behind Closed Doors – as many of the tracks were not recorded in studio but in a bedroom, kitchen or lounge. Oh and they used this in a movie also. A South African heist movie, Paradise Stop.

Here’s to a good and happy week to everyone! Aim for crack happy if you can. Life should be lived yeah?